Coday Records - The Best in Southern Soul & Beyond
Coday Records, (formally B&J Records) was founded in 2005 by the late Bill Coday and Anna (Neal Chew) Coday. Joe Hudson was also a member. Bill Coday had been signed as a recording artist to several other major record labels before he,  Anna started the B&J Records label. Bill is known for his hit single, “Get Your Lie Straight”.  Anna had also been around the music business making her mark and enjoying her work. Anna has owned a Record Store, a Night Club, and she has and still does work as a show promoter, a road manager, and artist manager.
Once Bill and Anna realized how their love for the music business and their knowledge had set them up for success, they began turning the wheels necessary to start their own record label, thus B&J Records was born.
The first CD that was recorded for and released on this label was “Jump Start” on Bill Coday in 2005. In 2005 they also signed Karen Wolfe to their label and in 2006 they released “First Time Out” followed by “Christmas with Bill Coday and Karen Wolfe”.  In 2009 they released “A Woman Needs A Strong Man and then in 2011 “Telling It Like It Is” both on Karen Wolfe. James Smith was added to this growing record label in 2006. First they released “James Smith Greatest Hit, including The Plumber Man” and then in 2009 “Everybody Needs Love”. James Smith is preparing to release his next CD on Coday Records.
In 2008, Bill Coday was taken away from us after having an Aneurysm. Although this was hard on Anna, she knew that she had to keep the ball rolling because she was determined to keep their dream alive as well as Bill’s memory. In 2011 Anna had to make some executive decisions and one was to change the name of this record label to Coday Records.
In the late part of 2010 Terry Wright joined the family and they released the single “She Whooped Me Good” in 2011. Terry is working diligently in the studio to finish his first Coday Records CD, yet it will be his Junior Soul & Blues CD. In 2011 Coday Records picked up Andre’ Lee and in 2012 they released his Senior Soul & Blues CD, ”Stories Of Life”. Now here it is 2014 when the master mind Anna  added another Artist to her roster. Lomax is the 5th HIT MAKING artist on Coday Records. Lomax will be releasing his first Coday records CD in 2015. Be on the lookout for him. 
It is plain to see that Anna Coday knows what she is doing and she is doing a fantastic job with Coday Records. She has seen to it that each of her artists are moving forward. Coday Records believes in their motto and they are working hard to make sure that you believe it too, “The Best in Southern Soul and BEYOND!

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